June 3, 17, and 23 Club Trips

here is a quick outline of the last three club trips (Willie/Jeanne)

Blue Mountain trail, Sunday June 3

Derek led us up the mountain, pretty easy four wheeling, couple of steep hills. Gained a few more scratches in my now named by Derek's dad Steve, "old man's station wagon" Grand Cherokee. Ran into snow a few miles past Telephone Butte. Ate lunch and turned around. Derek being the one in the lead was naturally deeper into the snow and Jason had to give him a quick tug. Not that Derek didn't give it one heck of a try. I picked the worst possible place to turn around so it took me a bit of time to everyone's amusement. A bit on the hot side but a really nice day, and Jeanne and Jason's daughter Mariah had a terrific time looking at all the wildflowers.

Oh, got into a confrontation with a motorcycle rider that told us Jeeps were tearing up the trails, and his motorcycle didn't do any more damage than a cow walking on the trail. Thought we were stupid for airing down our "passenger car tires" and he would ride anywhere he liked because he was never going to get caught! Oh, and he left by showing us that his tires would throw rocks. Nice guy!

Gold Creek Lakes trail, June 17

Wasn't sure we were going to make it to the lakes as there might still be snow. Snow was melted and we made it. Stopped on the way in and took a look at the old gold dredge on Beck's property. We had sun, rain and snow through out the day, and there was plenty of mud. As usual I got us lost and had to back track numerous times trying to find a way into Jackson Park from the south. Never did find the way so had to back track to the main road and then out past the Forest Rose Mine. Interesting place if you have never been there with quite a few remains of the mining operation. However, the weather (snow load) is taking its toll, and each year more and more of the structures are falling down.

Reservation Run, June 23

Kim led us on a great trip through roads that are not on any map, into areas that few people ever visit. Basically followed the Flathead River as it wound its way northward to the Kerr Dam. Well, some times we were quite a distance from it. Stopped in one spot and viewed some Indian paintings. Kim had (as a very young man) worked for several of the different ranches that were eventually sold to Tribe and knew, as well as Ron M, quite a bit of history of the area. We even poked around at the old USFS remount station where they bred and trained mules on 44,000 acres of leased land. They had at any one time as many as 3,500 mules and horses. This operated from 1935 to 1962. Quite a few buildings still remain. We also visited a couple of old homestead sites, and a mine of questionable ore that did have some interesting azurite stains. It was a long day but well worth the trip as we saw quite a variety of different terrain and visited Ferry Basin fire look out. Even saw four young buck mule deer, and again, many wildflowers. Thanks Kim for putting it all together. Oh and thanks for all the ticks! They made it more exciting.

For those that missed the trip and want to repeat it I have marked every mile and every turn along with GPS coordinates of any special features.