Blacktail Wild Bill ORV National Recreation Trail
May 26, 2007

On Saturday, May 26, several members of the club (Willie, Mark, Ron B. Jeff, Diana, Derek, and Bruce) joined the Skyliners for a workday to improve the Blacktail Wild Bill ORV National Recreation Trail, which is located about 14 air miles west of Lakeside, MT and 2 air miles north of Lake Mary Ronan.

The Skyliners, in a partnership agreement with the US Forest Service, are increasing the difficulty of the trail by installing challenging obstacles along the route. Also included in the partnership agreement are improving signing, clearing the trail, and controlling drainage.

This presentation shows the objectives of the partnership agreement and work day, the installation of some obstacles, the lessons some of us learned over the course of the day, suggestions for organizing a similar work day, and an example of a successful trail partnership between the BLM and a Jeep club in Colorado.

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